Bedtime Meditations for Kids

I wanted to do a bedtime meditation last night but I couldn’t find any prayers that I liked for littles. Silly me, I got this. I didn’t need to search for ideas outside, when I had everything I need within. So tonight I just did what I do and we breathed and prayed together.

See, I don’t want to just teach him yoga, I want him to be equipped to handle big emotions with deep breaths, but also teach a more mindful approach to prayer and not a weird creepy version of toxic or over spiritualized Christianity.

A faith that empowers him and is liberating, not ill-fitting.
Unforced rhythms.
Freely and lightly.
Soft and tender.
Age appropriate.
And would be natural based on how we interact already and who I am.


This bedtime meditation prayer was magic.

Get settled. Seated with little one on your lap so they can feel your inhales and exhales. Begin with a couple inhales and exhales.
I decided to do an embodied prayer of thanks.
Beginning with our hearts, and touching on topics and body parts he’s familiar with, I merely said thank you for our heartbeats and our breath, pausing here to inhale and exhale again.
Then I went to the five senses. Thank you for eyes so we can see, ears to hear, noses to smell and breathe (inhale audibly with nose) or make sniffing sound.
For hands and touch, as I gently caressed his upper back and tops of his shoulders.
For mouths and tongue that can taste the yummy Mac and cheese. (his dinner) This was a fun one.
Then I went back to our hearts and the hearts of all those he loves, by name.
Lots of thank you’s.
Then, thank you for always being with us, for taking care of us, and those we love. Thank you for your angels and watching over us and being together with us and in every breath we take.
I then named a few big prayer requests and let Eben hear my heart prayers, some pretty big ones. His little heart was so affirming, such a tender moment to share some of my deepest prayers and desires, to speak them aloud in the presence of a fellow human.
We prayed for restful, peaceful sleep. For happy dreams about puppies and Nemo and Dory. He liked that idea.
He really seemed to enjoy it and slept soundly and it helped him sleep restfully all night. And if it’s something you would like to try, just go for it.
Forget what you think it “should” be and do what feels natural, age appropriate and don’t be afraid of speaking your own heart prayers aloud. (Unless you don’t want them repeating anything to strangers lol) I think there was a special moment between us when I shared honestly. Tonight thank you’s felt welcome, and gave us ways of looking back at our day and some of the highlights, in a kind of examen sort of way, now that I think about it.
Would you like to see more of these bedtime meditations for tinies? Let me know.
I’m definitely adding this to our nightly routine. πŸ™

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